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@mackiwg I'm trying to connect badges to the badgr backpack. I've sent the verification email four times now and I keep getting '×There was a problem connecting to your backpack. Please check the credentials and try again' message. I'm refreshing page? I've logged in and out? Please advise? 🙏🏾

@natashaskeen I didn't see it either and kept returning to our Spanish friend from the LOD Introduction for comfort LOL. In the end I right mouse clicked my way to 'break' up the selected SVG image. It was a hideous mess and I was glad I didn't have to submit it...

Did you know that COL has created a space where OER can be uploaded and shared for each Commonwealth Pacific Island Country? Here is the link to the Fiji site as an example:
If you click through to "subject", you will see that OER can be mapped by national administrators to any subject in the school curriculum. COL will progressively help national administrators in each country to customise their national OER collection.

@mackiwg kind thanks Wayne. I'm learning so much through trial and error. lol.

@geetakrishna @mackiwg Yadra vinaka and congratulations Geeta, that is GREAT news! I fear my images may still not be right lol... But will battle on... haha... lolomas and have a productive day :)

@geetakrishna @mackiwg I just got feedback and now know where I went wrong. Thank you kindly for the assistance. Sourcing open images is challenging. Even more so in the area of menstrual health. Not any image of a young girl in the Pacific will do. There are often restrictions and rightly so. There is a fine balance and much to consider in opening and closing access to resources. I learnt heaps in this first exercise. Thank you so much for the opportunity to reflect upon my practice.

@geetakrishna Its so frustrating lol. I'm sure @mackiwg and his team will respond with our specific questions soon. Hang in there Geeta :) I can't proceed either but passing the time listening to the LibreOffice man. His spanish accent is almost as romantic as Fijian 😂

I've just submitted the printable teaching resource assignment but its incorrect. An automated email was sent outlining some of the main reasons my OER image resource challenge submission was rejected. I included two images, so it can't be that?
I would be most grateful for SPECIFIC feedback please. Thank you in advance.

@mackiwg This is the second attempt at your course. Its still confusing lol. There are too many applications that require considerable time, more than that indicated in the course outline. With every new download, open tab, upload, the data load and $ required is proving to be most challenging here in PNG.

Libre is great, but it took a whole afternoon to download. Luckily I'm using some free Wifi, otherwise it would have eaten my entire months quota of data. PNG have some of the most expensive internet charges in the world. Check out this blog:

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