Good afternoon @mackiwg I've returned to Lae from POM 🇵🇬over weekend. Just about to upload a final lesson plan, but wondering if there is a specific 'Open Education Resource collection' I should place this into? For the Pacific? Or PNG? Or will the OER Commons suffice? Please advise. My LP relates to menstrual health... from perspective of NGO.

@mackiwg to clarify... do I just provide the URL to the OERU Moodle site where the resources have been saved to? Instruction 6. says "Provide a title or description for each resource included in the lesson, with URL links where teachers can download the resources (i.e. the direct link to the Open Education Resource collection website. Note, this must link to your actual resources, not the home-page of the website.)" which OER collection? Please advise.. 4oers

@jacki A link to the public URL of your Moodle submissions will be fine. When the national OER repositories are up and running - these links will be an option.


@mackiwg okay set! I was able to upload two into the OER Commons site, but failed with the third because the the URL for Moodle 'already exists.' Should I just delete the two on the Commons? They are being reviewed lol... Please advise.

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