@deepakbhartu Bula! I got an email from you stating "Deepak Bhartu has changed the approval status of 'DfG Teaching Resource .pdf' for '3. View and download shared teaching resources ' to REJECTED on 1 October 2021 at 9:11 PM" I'm trying to locate specific feedback as to why my resubmission was rejected? Please show me where to go? lol Still confused why I have blue boxes on Moodle when I believe I have met the requirements?

@jacki For the Completion Progress block, you will need to manually check the section on Important Message on Moodle for the Image resource and Diagram remix challenge. Please refer to the image below to see where you need to manually click on the check box to acknowledge that you have read the message. Hope this helps.

@deepakbhartu Awesome! Vinaka vakalevu/dhanyvaad - I found the problem and the manual check and have moved on. I think that 'Important Message' was added after I had completed the two challenges? I don't recall seeing it when I completed? Thank you anyway. The issue is now resolved and I feel I can move onto the next one.

@jacki Jacki back at my desk after the weekend on the road. Yes, I added the "Important message" after the majority of participants were submitting resources without proper image attributions and copyright statement. I activated the manual completions status box to encourage learners to read this information. Apology for the confusion.



@mackiwg @deepakbhartu Good morning from Port Moresby. I'm back! Thank you both, I will proceed now onto the next learning challenge.

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@jacki @deepakbhartu Good morning from Cromwell 🇳🇿 - You're making good progress Jacki - well on your way to becoming a "OER Practitioner"

@mackiwg @deepakbhartu I'm gritting my teeth with Audacity eeekkksssss 😂 wish me luck! weilei!! Its just so complicated and I'm thinking about content as well so that not all is in vain... and that the resource might be useful for our volunteers here in PNG... Content + Context + Technology =

@jacki Good luck Jacki - the time you spend is an investment in your skills for the future. Take one step at a time and soon you be recording and manipulating audio files with Audacity. The audiographic is the most demanding challenge - but you are well past the half-way mark. Look forward to seeing your creation. 👍


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