@mackiwg I'm trying to connect badges to the badgr backpack. I've sent the verification email four times now and I keep getting '×There was a problem connecting to your backpack. Please check the credentials and try again' message. I'm refreshing page? I've logged in and out? Please advise? 🙏🏾

@jacki Connecting to the Badgr backpack can be tricky. We don't host the Badgr server, which is a 3rd part service - so hard to diagnose on our end. The most common mistakes we have found from experience:
1) Learner doesn't use the same email on Badger that was used to set up the Moodle account
2) Typing error in the Badger account email. (Have you checked your Spam folder for the confirmation email?)
3) Not selecting the US server for the Badgr account.
See: course.oeru.org/support/studyi


@mackiwg Good morning Wayne, Thank you for the response. Email is the same as Moodle account. I have checked spam and nothing. To register, we had to select the region closest. So I registered Badgr AU. Is this the issue? Please advise. Thank you.

@jacki Yes - selecting AU region is the issue. For some reason, the Moodle plugin only talks with the US instance. Try an account on the US instance and see if that fixes the problem.

@mackiwg done! Email received and I've clicked the link, but it says 'Verification pending... How long does one wait? lol

@mackiwg I manually uploaded the badges as verification is still pending on Moodle's backpack connection. Is this okay? Please advise.

@jacki Clever solution. No problem upload to Badgr directly. The badge URL links to the verification information. Smart thinking!

@jacki When I set up my account a couple of years ago, I don't recall waiting too long. Perhaps their process has changed.

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