anyone else having issues with the Image Remix challenge. I've downloaded LibreOffice but there is no 'Modify' menu. According to Google, it should be next to the Tools menu. Here's what I see...


@natashaskeen I didn't see it either and kept returning to our Spanish friend from the LOD Introduction for comfort LOL. In the end I right mouse clicked my way to 'break' up the selected SVG image. It was a hideous mess and I was glad I didn't have to submit it...

@jacki @mackiwg Thanks Jacki I have tried right clicking as per the instructions and nothing seems to happen. There were two versions of LibreOffice to install and I chose the latest one. I think I'll uninstall and try the older, more stable one.

@natashaskeen @jacki Natasha - There is a possibility that the SVG image file itself has corrupted. Test with alternate SVG images.

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