@mackiwg to clarify... do I just provide the URL to the OERU Moodle site where the resources have been saved to? Instruction 6. says "Provide a title or description for each resource included in the lesson, with URL links where teachers can download the resources (i.e. the direct link to the Open Education Resource collection website. Note, this must link to your actual resources, not the home-page of the website.)" which OER collection? Please advise.. 4oers

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Good afternoon @mackiwg I've returned to Lae from POM 🇵🇬over weekend. Just about to upload a final lesson plan, but wondering if there is a specific 'Open Education Resource collection' I should place this into? For the Pacific? Or PNG? Or will the OER Commons suffice? Please advise. My LP relates to menstrual health... from perspective of NGO.

For the final lesson plan challenge, can I REUSE the "printable teaching resource, including open image(s), the printable chart, diagram, or graphic organiser resource, and static image audiographic" from the prevous learning challenges? Or should I start again with a whole new set of resources? Please do advise and clarify. Thank you.

@mackiwg Hi, I got this invitation to evaluate the course but can't find the link. (Add link missing?) Please advise. Thank you.

Happy World Teachers Day to you all on the course. The theme this year is 'Teachers at the heart of education recovery.' This is certainly a GREAT place to reimagine and rethink our practice in a post-covid world... Putting OERs at the ❤️ of teaching and learning... 🙏🏾 👍🏾 🤓

@deepakbhartu Bula! I got an email from you stating "Deepak Bhartu has changed the approval status of 'DfG Teaching Resource .pdf' for '3. View and download shared teaching resources ' to REJECTED on 1 October 2021 at 9:11 PM" I'm trying to locate specific feedback as to why my resubmission was rejected? Please show me where to go? lol Still confused why I have blue boxes on Moodle when I believe I have met the requirements?

@mackiwg sorry, I'm so confused about the uploading of image resource and diagram remix. I thought those challenges were complete, but when I went back to Moodle, saw completion progress chart was actually incomplete with blue squares and 'Important Messages' saying I still have to upload? The approval process is confusing? I thought you had uploaded the resource already? So my apologies. I've uploaded PdF and and Odt (printable) version now... and waiting approval? Is this right?

@mackiwg I'm trying to connect badges to the badgr backpack. I've sent the verification email four times now and I keep getting '×There was a problem connecting to your backpack. Please check the credentials and try again' message. I'm refreshing page? I've logged in and out? Please advise? 🙏🏾

Did you know that COL has created a space where OER can be uploaded and shared for each Commonwealth Pacific Island Country? Here is the link to the Fiji site as an example:
If you click through to "subject", you will see that OER can be mapped by national administrators to any subject in the school curriculum. COL will progressively help national administrators in each country to customise their national OER collection.

I've just submitted the printable teaching resource assignment but its incorrect. An automated email was sent outlining some of the main reasons my OER image resource challenge submission was rejected. I included two images, so it can't be that?
I would be most grateful for SPECIFIC feedback please. Thank you in advance.

Libre is great, but it took a whole afternoon to download. Luckily I'm using some free Wifi, otherwise it would have eaten my entire months quota of data. PNG have some of the most expensive internet charges in the world. Check out this blog: devpolicy.org/internet-prices-

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