Pl guide how I may contribute to OERu and Foundation and how may I get access to contribute in WikiEducator. Had applied on the site sometime back.
Thanks. Regards

This is a very useful exercise (making annotations). Had to correct the problem of browser downloading pdf file instead of opening. Finally resolved. Thrilled to see that the annotations appeared in both versions -the online and the local file. This is a very useful tool to see the comments in the contest.

Some steps to start a blog. Not a very difficult exercise. It requires that you study new tools and options of WordPress and get used to a new vocabulary.

@mackiwg Could you please guide me how to register at ORE book marks. Each time it says -
Antispam answer is not valid. Thanks.

When new technology is introduced first/main the manual/help material may be prepared using the old technology. Like saying that for On-line course have a printed material as manual at least till the person can get online and comfortably browse the on-line material.

I joined to learn this new way.
You read, link, follow, experiment, practice and learn.

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