David thanks for the brief and concise introduction on OER and what are the reasons which enable educational resources to be termed as 'open'. Upon a bit of self-reflection, I did come to a realization that indeed being given this opportunity to be a part of this workshop is a blessing in terms of the knowledge I will be obtaining and how it will benefit in the educational sector especially for a small developing nation such as Fiji. Appreciate it!

@roshitadevi Hi Roshita
You can get the enrollment key by following the instructions provided in this link. Have a blessed night. pacificopencourses.col.org/ds4

@Kaushik it’s a tropical flower for sure!!
something ginger ? 🤔 related to those ginger flowers (orangish in color) used in flower arrangements mostly ??

@lou2021 Wow! looks so pretty 😍

Is it waves at golden hour ?

@evan I must say that is a really smart answer! 😁 it’s a sequin bag 😇

@mackiwg I literally went looking around the house to find something original! It really made you think 😂

@mackiwg Great guess Sir 😁 but it’s actually a small sequin bag

@arpanadeb Arpana I strongly agree that the shift from face to face to online learning has been sudden and resorting to OERs has become an unavoidable solution amidst this pandemic. However, I feel that the network connection would be a major downfall due to the geographical locations.

@candide Hello Mrs Candide, I agree with your mentioned point that many educators do not know what OER is. To add to your point I would like to just say that training in such programmes would be a good step for Fiji's education sector due to the pandemic becoming a barrier to the delivery of knowledge.

In Fiji, having workshops organized on the OER would prove to be beneficial as well as informative for the educators.

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