I'm editing a series of open textbooks for Philosophy courses, and am learning a lot along the way. Here is a blog post about some things I've learned about accessibility and publishing open textbooks on the Pressbooks platform: blogs.ubc.ca/chendricks/2020/0 #OER #OpenTextbooks #a11y

@chendricks - Thanks for sharing. That's a concise but valuable summary of pragmatic solutions for accessibility on the Pressbooks platform.

@mackiwg Sure! There is more, but I figured that was enough for tonight. There are lots of small process issues I've learned about when working on these books (not all about accessibility) and I want to document them all at some point besides just having them sit on the Rebus Community discussion threads!

@chendricks - Look forward to reading the next installment of lessons learned. I like how you have implemented image attributions using captions (but is potentially a challenge when thinking about remix scenarios outside of the Pressbooks platform) I have a keen interest in exploring the cross-over for integrating Pressbooks publications for OERu open online courses - so sharing your experiences are very valuable for us. Thank you.

@chendricks - FYI Greg Gay @greggy at Ryerson University has been working with us at OERu on a series of micro-courses on web accessibility based on a Pressbook publication for the OERu platform. We're learning as well πŸ™‚ See for example: course.oeru.org/wacc101/

@chendricks @greggy - This is also a workaround for now - but we're learning. PS - If you haven't noticed - the text of the learning pathways is pulled via an iframe from the associated Pressbook.

@mackiwg @greggy Ah, I see! I might not have noticed otherwise but it does indeed have that Pressbooks book look! :)


@chendricks @mackiwg Here's the full list of accessibility course. They are pretty much ready to go. We'll announce them in the next week or 2. oeru.org/web-accessibility

@greggy @mackiwg Wonderful! I myself am very interested in the intro to web accessibility one. I know a few things, but not many, and I'm sure I could learn a lot!

@greggy @chendricks @mackiwg
Just some feedback (given with the best of intentions; please don't shoot the messenger).

I clicked on 'start learning' and was taken to a page filled with a wall of tiny text (pictured) that was to me really off-putting.

'Step 1' was 'Register'. I had *just* decided to skip registering, and you're asking me to register again. Ugh.


@greggy @chendricks @mackiwg

Step 2 was 'Orient'. If this was what I needed now, this is where I should have been taken. If I click on 'start here' I'm greeted with basically the same in a slightly different format info and another come-on to register. Agh!

I hit the first link presented in Orient first, and went to the Syllabus page and was greeted with a screen that literally had no information (pictured). I know (now) I could scroll down, but my first time through I just hit 'back' .

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