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🤔 I don't think all textbooks in Fiji are up to date in all subjects. The MoE keeps updating and informing teachers about changes. Errors are noted and feedback given to MoE via department reports. There has been a lot of changes in the curriculum over the last few years and MoE has been updating textbooks.

🤔 Learners in Fiji have little access to high quality teaching materials. They rely on the textbooks provided by the Ministry/school. They rely heavily on the teachers for notes and explanations. Schools collect and keep past year exam papers for students to use. Worksheets are also photocopied and given. Past exam papers and textbooks are available on the MoE website and FEMIS but not all students have the knowledge and internet (data) to download and use the resources available.

❤️ In Fiji, I think that OER awareness has to be created and training should be provided. Education Ministry with selected Principals, Curriculum Developers, HODs and teachers who have interest/ enthusiasm in OER should take the lead. Introduction and awareness of using open source apps and provision of ICT equipment loaded with open source apps and internet is vital. Time to prepare resources and guided lesson plan will make the outcome better 🤔

🤪 In Fiji, higher remuneration, rewards and awards and recognition through promotions will motivate teachers to participate in sharing OER . OER facilitators/coordinators who are trained properly can carry out Train the Trainers sessions with other teachers in the District. Resource centers can be set up where ICT equipment and internet is provided for teachers to prepare OER for the nation❤️ 🤔

😄 In Fiji, a national day dedicated to OER development will work because it is dedicated to development of resources for teaching and learning which will benefit the society as a whole. Actually, here in Fiji, we have commerce week, IDADAIT week, science week etc, hence we should have a OER development week every year which will create awareness on OER 😍

@mackiwg ❤️ CHAMPIONS at each school is brilliant idea to have the community grow.

😜 Since all teachers are not attending this course and teachers can only learn by doing, there could be a Train the Trainers session or professional development for all teachers on this before they are able to proceed with standard lesson plans. 😍 Awareness of Creation Commons, the open source apps and software such as Mastodon, WordPress, Audacity, Wiki, LibreOffice, OpenShot.... most importantly hands on practice is vital.

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