@Memesau 😍 yes rourou .....dalo leaves with coconut milk....palusami....yummy

😍 Favourite root crop for many....the leaf again is used in cooking ...guess the plant

🤩 @mackiwg🤔 Just wondering can mastodon be used as a discussion platform for a school for the students and teachers to share ideas....will it be privacy protected for our students....I feel it is better then having a website or magazine at the end of the year....wish to have some opinion on this😍

@jacki 😍 Happy World Teachers Day to you too...yes the theme is just perfect for our online teaching and learning skills that we are developing to reach out to our kids😍

@mackiwg 🤩 Thankyou...yes target was to finish it....learnt a lot over a 3 week period....will miss this mastodon postings😍

😍 definitely now I can teach computer teachers in my school about saving files ..odt, PDF, resolution 1280x720 pixels.😂 ..even learnt how to save PDF as a hyperlink which was not needed🤣 the best part was Audacity and Openshot to make videos....will definitely use these tools …I can now make music for my parties😎….sleepless nights....worth it❤️

@deepakbhartu @tmays Thankyou....was struggling with it since in the template lesson plan it says to provide URL..

....How to create repository and URL for the printable resources😂

In the lesson plan submission we have to include URL for our resources; for videos how to we do URL

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