I've just submitted the printable teaching resource assignment but its incorrect. An automated email was sent outlining some of the main reasons my OER image resource challenge submission was rejected. I included two images, so it can't be that?
I would be most grateful for SPECIFIC feedback please. Thank you in advance.

@geetakrishna Its so frustrating lol. I'm sure @mackiwg and his team will respond with our specific questions soon. Hang in there Geeta :) I can't proceed either but passing the time listening to the LibreOffice man. His spanish accent is almost as romantic as Fijian 😂


@jacki @mackiwg 😂 I went through all the videos in the weekend...need some incentive to continue further....the tasks ahead seems really challenging...Haha yes the accent...but great videos to learn from...easier than Microsoft office🤣

@geetakrishna @mackiwg I just got feedback and now know where I went wrong. Thank you kindly for the assistance. Sourcing open images is challenging. Even more so in the area of menstrual health. Not any image of a young girl in the Pacific will do. There are often restrictions and rightly so. There is a fine balance and much to consider in opening and closing access to resources. I learnt heaps in this first exercise. Thank you so much for the opportunity to reflect upon my practice.

@jacki @mackiwg 😍 I got feedback and did changes and got my Image Resource Challenge Badge....excited😄 Now moving forward to the next challenge🤩

@geetakrishna @mackiwg Yadra vinaka and congratulations Geeta, that is GREAT news! I fear my images may still not be right lol... But will battle on... haha... lolomas and have a productive day :)

@jacki @geetakrishna Jacki - check your email. Your image attributions are now correct! Congrats on the getting the image badge.

@jacki @mackiwg
image challenge 😍 congratulations to you too...we are getting there❤️

@mackiwg @jacki Thank you....its getting interesting since now we have better understanding of licenses and LibreDraw is great to work on ….looking forward to working on the next challenge. 🤩 🤔

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