😜 Since all teachers are not attending this course and teachers can only learn by doing, there could be a Train the Trainers session or professional development for all teachers on this before they are able to proceed with standard lesson plans. 😍 Awareness of Creation Commons, the open source apps and software such as Mastodon, WordPress, Audacity, Wiki, LibreOffice, OpenShot.... most importantly hands on practice is vital.

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@geetakrishna Geeta those are valid points. This course will be able to support open registration in the future (i.e. teachers registering at any time). I like the "Train the Trainers" idea. Perhaps we an establish "OER Champions" at each school to provide local support for teachers to complete the course building national communities of practice. Could that work?

@mackiwg ❀️ CHAMPIONS at each school is brilliant idea to have the community grow.

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