@areadblackgirl Is it a carpet pile or the end of fabric? The picture is difficult because of how it goes into and out of focus.

@Writetoyury No clue on what the name of the plant is, without resorting to Google. It looks like something you would use to wash bottles when you are doing the dishes. Very beautiful.

@alexandreanjos Without going to Google, is it some sort of crane or egret? It almost looks like it should be on a crest by the way it is posed.

@Spoolmak I also believe that it's a plastic bottle of water. Pretty good. This picture is difficult to guess. Shows that the perspective on the picture can change the way your brain interprets what you see. This one took me a minute.

@Nikki Are they grapes? What makes this one tricky is that the objects are shiny.

Good picture!


Would it be the answer to this?

This is a fruit that contains some water
And can provide milk and oil for cooking
If you ever want to see one growing
On a palm tree’s where you should be looking...

Aloha from Hawaii! I have joined the course because I thought that this technology is interesting and a good baseline for my future college endeavors.

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