I'll share this while I'm here:


Used it once in a class, discussing plagiarism - or, rather, responsible use of sources. Students loved it.


👍 Mark, I also landed on your blog page PLE, and find that it lays out starkly the various parts of the personal learning environment, and what they are for. It works like a check list, and I wonder if course participants might find it less daunting when faced with a check list or a more graphical structure introducing the PLE.

@eanlee There is a graphic depiction of a PLE on the orientation pages of . Graphics are very informative when they illustrate connections as with Venn diagrams and matrices. Learning is about forming connections and graphics can be powerful this way.

The PLE diagram does not do this. It gives tools and uses. Tools have affordances that sometimes overlap but don't necessarily connect.

PLE is an overblown description. It is more like a tool box than an environment.

You are right, Mark, about Wordpress hardselling us stuff. Every day I am being persuaded to upgrade for some incentive or other. You set up on Reclaimhosting.com; is that for free?

@eanlee Reclaim costs $30 per annum with one free domain registration and unlimited sub-domains. Support is very responsive and helpful, though you're unlikely to need it. Uses cPanel so many applications are a single click to install. I've had an account there for several years.

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