For Session 0 Orientation, I have completed the Outputs – Declare yourself challenge.

@eanlee Great - thanks for sharing and I see that a link to your blog post was harvested into the course feed. Well done 👏

Hi Wayne, I am unable to log in to the course. Please can you help, let me know what I can do? Thanks

@mackiwg Yes, Wayne. LiDA103, sorry for not mentioning it.

@eanlee No worries - 1st try a hard browser refresh. Hold down your "Shift" key and click on refresh from the course homepage. Let me know if that fixes your login issue.

@mackiwg THANKS!! Refresh works. Guess it was in an error loop. 👌 you're a great help.

@eanlee Glad its working. I suspect a previous log in session timed out and the login process did not update properly - Glad that clearing the browser cache got that sorted. This time an easy fix ;-).

@mackiwg Precisely, I had left the session on through the weekend. This may be a good reminder to us users that there is a time-out for the session, so we need to refresh when that happens. THANKS again.

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