The vast majority of the heavy lifting putting this new BCcampus collection site together was done by Mel Meyers over the past year prior to her BCcampus secondment ending, as well as the BCcampus Dev/Ops team. So happy to see it finally launch!

@mackiwg we are using a headless CMS framework called Strapi. We built it from the ground up as, after so many years searching we could not find a repo we were happy with, especially from a UI perspective. So about 2 years ago we brought on a UI/UX person and developer to build something. It will be open sourced at some point. This is just the MVP, but has some nice features including native LRMI metadata support. As a headless system, everything is accessible via an API so very flexible.

@mackiwg our current site is very hacky. The WordPress/Equella system served us well for the first 10 years, but it's increasingly problematic in so many ways. Performance is sluggish at best and the process workflow to add and maintain the collection was becoming tremendously cumbersome and inefficient.

@clintlalonde I am in awe of this collection site. It not only organizes a large amount of resources but does it eloquently. And lots of API magic under the hood.

@cogdog Thanks Alan. I will pass this on to the dev team. I am seriously in awe of the team that built this! I've been the Product Owner for the past few months just coming in to get the MVP across the finish line and the amount of thought they have put into this is impressive from the UX/UI to the way they engaged with an actual metadata librarian.

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