Reading The Exploitation of Photography: How Creative Commons Licenses Enable Surveillance by @adamhrv and appreciate even more attempts by the open community to begin to expand licenses into ethical areas. Licenses such as the Do No Harm license
and The Hippocratic license I suspect that many in the social justice communities would leap at a chance to use licenses like these for production

@clintlalonde This is a can of worms. In theory, third party individuals displayed in photos with CC licenses where privacy rights apply should give permission for the photograph. Would be interesting to know what percentage of openly licensed photos have this permission. The trouble with personal images is frequently the copyright holder is not the person in the image. Tricky stuff.

@mackiwg BIG can of worms for sure. And little chance of actual enforcement of even the egregious failure to comply with CC license requirements because each photo belongs to an individual so you would need some kind of coordinated class action-like effort by millions of individual users in order to make an enforcement claim that would threaten an offending organization.

@clintlalonde Yeah - sadly licenses are not good instruments to regulate intent or ethical behaviour :-(

@mackiwg @clintlalonde Nor does CC show leadership when it comes to walking the walk anyway, as I just remarked in their Google Group when they suggested those who want to discuss using open technologies to promote the openness movement join their Slack channel. 🙄

@stevefoerster @clintlalonde Back in the day when they decided to move from IRC we offered to host a Rocket.Chat for them so folk who wanted to use open tools, could still participate in the conversation. But they preferred using closed tools to host open conversations.

@clintlalonde @adamhrv This is helluva paper- I remember finding a few hundred of my photos via the original project.

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