So many bad takes in this article. Yes, students are tired, yes they are burnt out, yes their mental health and, consequently, their learning is suffering. But to lay the blame at the feet of online learning is false. Students didn't do poorly because of online learning (and what occurred over the past 2 years is not online learning but emergency remote learning - there is a huge difference). Perhaps they have been struggling to do well because, oh idk, GLOBAL PANDEMIC?

"It’s no surprise, then, that in one of the first studies to examine broad-scale learning outcomes during the pandemic, researchers found that the switch to online learning resulted in more course failures and withdrawals in the Virginia community-college system, even despite more lenient grading."

Of course there were more course failures & withdrawls. Maybe they were sick with COVID. Maybe their family members or friends were sick. Maybe they were grieving. Maybe they lost a part-time job.

" More disconcerting is that when classes returned to mainly in-person in fall 2021, student performance did not bounce back. The problem isn’t only that students learn poorly online. It’s also that when they go through a year or more of remote classes, they develop habits that harm their ability to learn offline, too."

No, the didn't develop bad habits. This should tell you mode of delivery made no difference to learning outcomes so maybe it wasn't online learning that is the reason?

@clintlalonde thank you for this critique, the rush to slopply hypotheses here drives me crazy. I worked remote before the pandemic - it sucks often now, because THERE'S A PANDEMIC. Remote or not, things aren't OK.

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