Bookmarking this one > is a grassroots website, that is trying to let people know about ethical and easy-to-use alternatives to well-known websites, apps and other software.

Their tips on how to switch.

1) Don't be afraid
2) Start small
3) Tell your friends (hence this toot to y'all)
4) Don't overextend yourself
5) Ask for help
6) Help others
7) Don't fuel unwanted fears

@clintlalonde Great site. A fun game to play: Guess the FOSS apps you would recommend for each option and compare the results. Surprised not to see Openshot listed as replacement option for Adobe Premiere Pro

@mackiwg @clintlalonde I'm surprised not to see a page for learning management systems. But I respect how they even suggest alternatives to their own web site!

@stevefoerster @clintlalonde I guess LMSs are kinda niche? The rest of the world outside of HE has survived the shackles of the LMS! 😂

@mackiwg @stevefoerster I suspect this is the case. Most of the software they have on the list seem to be aimed at a general audience. LMS's are probably a bit too industry (for lack of a better term) specific.

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