Technology tools for digital learning Myself taken at pc screen reflection by phone.

Myself, trying to figure how you will look like when you take your pic from pc reflection screen. Kool ha?

A black rope-type is used to tie around to keep the costume from slipping off, Can you guess what material the rope is made of??

so the system does not like me to upload current images, from my phone! What is the image made of?

Still unable to complete the upload. I have converted my image into, pdf still not working. There must be something to figure out

So here again with for . Try to name the image shown. Glue - a 3 letter words ending with 'N'

I am back to sessions 2 and 3. OER as presented by David Weiland is well presented in this course "DS4OER as follows. OER is complete free access with Free permission to reuse, revise, remix and redistribute. Very well definedd!

For those who are familiar with this . What is the idea of typying '#' before the word? example of practice. My understanding is '#' will take me to the page link or direct me to 'community of practice 'site'. Can anyone help on this?

consultation - the way forward Session 8 of the which now am trying to work through. Too many new things to learn from and national oer collections let alone thinking of creating content. of practice is another area of interest. Maybe I can form up one of practice within our community people, teachers etc. We may learn new things from this newly created of practice.

I am starting to get the importance of being part of this a very big thank you to the founders, team and countries that first saw and design this You serve great honors.

A sharing flatform such as messaging, assignments drop box, and work creating contents flatform are the best thing to do so together (nationallly, regionally and gobally)we are one as teachers like that of .

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