For those who are familiar with this . What is the idea of typying '#' before the word? example of practice. My understanding is '#' will take me to the page link or direct me to 'community of practice 'site'. Can anyone help on this?

@bkabuati A very good question. Putting a "#" in front of a word or code is called a hashtag. Including hashtags within the body text will make all posts that contain the hashtag searchable. It also helps with aggregation. By including in a Toot, helps us to include a link back to all mastodon posts that contain the hashtag in the course feed on the course site.

@mackiwg @bkabuati And part of that "searchability" is allowing communities discussing the same topic to find one another... and perhaps suggest interesting users to "follow" for other insights. For example if you click on #DS4OERS in these toots, it automatically displays search results of others talking about the subject. And then you can drill down into those users to see what other common interests there might be based on their microblog posts.

@bkabuati Cool - when posting publicly, you should see a globe 🌎 in the footer of the edit window when composing your toots.

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