This is an image of my table while preparing for a meeting I could not physically attend. The meet, hosted on , noted on , was to strategise on @nurabookclub #2020 activities. Trying to go back to using pen and paper though.

For success in a MOOC...
1. Orient
2. Declare
3. Cluster
4. Network
5. Focus

"Savvy educators have realised that social media is not just unremitting triviality where people share what they are eating and with whom they are eating it!"

"Building a PLN requires that you not only seek to learn from others, but also that you help others in the network to learn. Be generous."
- Carol Skyring

Section 5 of this article attests to the fact that the student using a PLE in their learning process requires a degree of self-awareness. I can attest to this because, even now when I've been studying for some time, I get distracted by information related to the course that I do.

Had a problem creating my OERu Bookmarks account, and the answer was already on the forum. This takes me back to when I was forced to continually use Stackoverflow while coding at We Think Code_. The answer is there, somewhere, just find it.

Done setting up my personal learning environment (PLE), and I will not joke, it took a lot of thinking through. Now that it's done though, I can get on with the actual work. First up is Digital Literacies for Online Learning with the OER Foundation.

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