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If I could do it all over again I think I would want to be a programmer... My secret (shoot now it's not a secret!) dream is to learn how to code.

It's funny because growing up I never thought I was into "technology"... I wonder if it is .

I thought some of you might be interested in a collaboration I am working on! Check out

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@alenabuis I see that you are an Art Educator. With the help from TRU we remixed an OER-enabled 1st year course called "Art Appreciation and Techniques" It is assembled to comprise three micro-courses:
1) Artistic process and visual language -
2) Artistic media and architecture -
3) Art in our world -

We're getting close to launching this open course soon - perhaps your college is interested in joining?

I picked this selfie of me in a mask because the pandemic has truly been a catalyst for me to explore new technologies. And I am totally going to borrow this challenge for one of my courses! Much like the activity I have designed it is a fun way for learners to build community and share perspectives of digital literacies and learning in a digital world!

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