For my last challenge post I wanted to share something I am finding difficult (but I am doing anyway!) I have recently started to work on creating H5P objects to incorporate into my teaching. This is outside of my digital comfort zone, but I decided to try to make a more interactive course presentation to use! Here is a screenshot of my module on The Carter's "Apesh*t" filmed in the Louvre where they disrupt the Eurocentric canon of Western art history!

I took a bit of a different approach to my study skills mind map by starting with the World Economic Forum's "Top 10 Skills of 2025" Report for inspiration. The most important thing I learned was how interconnected many of these competencies are.

Fun session sharing @OpenArtHist as an open practice with other educators from BC! Thanks for facilitating @RcMckerlich @BCcampus @BCOpenText

My art history class spontaneously decided to create a Discord group with channels for us to use! They are such a great group and a perfect example of how students can embrace online learning!

My selection for this for is a to when I was in Grade 10! I picked this image because I that year I had taken a Computer Science course and almost dropped the class because I thought I wasn’t smart enough to understand technology. I wish I would have stuck with it!

I picked this selfie of me in a mask because the pandemic has truly been a catalyst for me to explore new technologies. And I am totally going to borrow this challenge for one of my courses! Much like the activity I have designed it is a fun way for learners to build community and share perspectives of digital literacies and learning in a digital world!

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