I watched Daphne Koller"s TedTalk "What we're learning from online education" (2012). I couldn't believe that was eight years ago! I would love an update from her on their current statistics and also their analysis of implications for learning.

I have to admit though I liked the SimpleNote tool, I might still be a pen to paper gal for some notes!

@alenabuis She popped up, made a big splash with Coursera, then faded after the initial MOOC-mania went bust. I believe she left Coursera and the world of online learning a few years ago and is now focusing on pharmacutical research

@alenabuis There is something special about the tactile experience of taking notes the traditional way. Did you have a play using markdown to format your note? See: Brushing up on semantic markup is a good skill to have.

@mackiwg @alenabuis I'm definitely a handwritten note person! Even a tablet and a stylus just isn't the same for me. But then I also still read treeware books, so there's that. 🙂

@stevefoerster @alenabuis I have a permanent stack of treeware next to my monitors so I can remain grounded 😂

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