For my last challenge post I wanted to share something I am finding difficult (but I am doing anyway!) I have recently started to work on creating H5P objects to incorporate into my teaching. This is outside of my digital comfort zone, but I decided to try to make a more interactive course presentation to use! Here is a screenshot of my module on The Carter's "Apesh*t" filmed in the Louvre where they disrupt the Eurocentric canon of Western art history!

I took a bit of a different approach to my study skills mind map by starting with the World Economic Forum's "Top 10 Skills of 2025" Report for inspiration. The most important thing I learned was how interconnected many of these competencies are.

In Goldingay et al they conclude by recognizing "A discipline specific system or framework is needed, which explicitly articulates the skills students require, guides the processes of embedding such skills into the curriculum, and at the same time values and acknowledges other ways of creating and conveying knowledge." This is precisely why my colleagues and I founded Open Art Histories. (1/2)

We found there was an opportunity to strengthen the connections between academic literacy specialists and the subject matter expert teaching faculty. (2/2)

Fun session sharing @OpenArtHist as an open practice with other educators from BC! Thanks for facilitating @RcMckerlich @BCcampus @BCOpenText

Anyone else have an issue with Simplenote not publishing? I have been trying to get the link for almost a day and it just says "publishing note". 😥

I finally figured out MarkDown and want to submit my assignment!

I watched Daphne Koller"s TedTalk "What we're learning from online education" (2012). I couldn't believe that was eight years ago! I would love an update from her on their current statistics and also their analysis of implications for learning.

I have to admit though I liked the SimpleNote tool, I might still be a pen to paper gal for some notes!

Ivory Tower reminded me why I teach at a community college in Canada! And why open education matters!

My art history class spontaneously decided to create a Discord group with channels for us to use! They are such a great group and a perfect example of how students can embrace online learning!

PS when I wrote my dissertation in 2009-2013 I didn't not use any reference management software. All just massive Word Docs. What was I thinking? 😭

I chose Zotero because it is free and can use it easily with Chrome!

You can use Wikipedia for your first foray into a topic. It can be a good place to start to learn more about what has been said and what hasn't been. You can also use the citations in Wikipedia as a place to find previous scholarship on the subject.

Finding resources for my topic was surprising! I came up with a couple of new articles that will be helpful for framing my questions. Ultimately it was good to know that someone else hadn't written on the ideas I want to explore

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Evaluating resources is a great entry point into discussions around critical thinking. I often remind students that critical thinking is not being negative, it is more about digging deeper and asking questions. It's the same process for evaluating resources.

My selection for this for is a to when I was in Grade 10! I picked this image because I that year I had taken a Computer Science course and almost dropped the class because I thought I wasn’t smart enough to understand technology. I wish I would have stuck with it!

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