@mackiwg This function doesn’t seem to be working in Amaroq, the mobile interface for mastodon.) but I thought the autocorrect was worth keeping))

And a reminder of autocorrect... it changed “for” to “god”...

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@garrettnielson Eraser? And I think it can still make mistakes on occasion.😃

@garrettnielson Thank you! I took the picture when walking the dog in the morning. This is Pohutukawa and it just started blooming. It usually goes in full bloom around Christmas. That's the Christmas tree in New Zealand.)

Just another illustration of how the technology changes our attitude to space and communication. A supervisor can share materials with the students anywhere. The value of classrooms change and there seems to be no going back. Digital literacy is the key to not fall behind. Thank you to my colleague and her students for letting me take a picture of their project chat!

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