@Spoolmak Bret - welcome to the OERu corner of the Internet and your first meeting.

Hi my name is Naza from Ryerson University, Canada. We are developing five new courses for OERU
Nice to see you all!

Hello all. I work for the OER Foundation as the Open Source Technologist (& also the only technologist). It's my job to build and maintain the open source infrastructure supporting the 's efforts to give *everyone* an opportunity to reach their educational potential. That infrastructure includes this Mastodon site - welcome to the Fediverse! If you're not sure what that means: newatlas.com/what-is-the-fediv For other examples: fediverse.party

I serve as the Associate Vice Provost, Open Education at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in British Columbia, Canada. The OERu network is a terrific way to build capacity while widening equitable access to education for students worldwide.

Hi I am Brian Fitzpatrick, COO, University of Chester. This is my first OERu meeting. I am keen to understand the OERu model, how members engage in open content creation processes and see how/if Chester could work together.. Brian

Good morning. I'm Don Poirier, AVP-Open Learning from Thompson Rivers University.

Matt Dyck here from (normally) sunny Kamloops, British Columbia in Canada. I have worked for over 10 years in the Open Learning division at TRU.

This is my third partners meeting and it is always great to see familiar faces and meet new people as well.

I'm also presenting at the WCOL conference next week, so hope to see you there as well.

Hi, I'm Mike Looney, Open Learning Program Coordinator for the Faculty of Arts at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC, Canada. This is my second OERu planning meeting and I'm happy to be with you here in Dublin.

Glad to be at my first OERu meeting! Looking forward to learning more about how Thompson Rivers University can contribute.

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