It will be a great idea to have COP in Fiji as teacher will have access to free resources which they can edit and use to suit their lesson which they teach in their individual classrooms. As I had mentioned in my posts earlier if this is made compulsory in the SFD, teachers would be more encouraged and motivated to take part in it.

In Fiji I think that OER should be made compulsory on the Student Free Days so it will be a must for all teacher to develop and design their resources which could be shared.

In Fiji I feel if OER creation and adoption is added to the professional development hours or even their APA it will motivate teachers to participate in sharing OER. Also I feel if this course is promoted and talked about more teachers would be attracted to it to as their incentive would be to upskill themselves and make a difference in the teaching.

In Fiji a national day dedicated to OER development will work because I feel teachers in Fiji have a lot of potential but aren't given the right opportunity to use it. Therefore if a day is dedicated to OER development, teachers around Fiji will spend the day developing resources and all will benefit as teacher can share the resources openly and not be panelized for not having enough resources and materials for teaching.

i joined the course to upskill myself and and gain more knowledge to carry out my vocation as a teacher more efficiently .

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