... reConnecting with coursework - hoping 2022 flows smoother

✅ PLE Blog created + declare post

✅ photo challenge 1st pic

@sakiasiburewe ... close it's a home-crafted macrame bottle holder. My empty gin bottle is now a hanging plant!
Sorry for delayed reply

@mackiwg ... Yes! A macrame crafted bottle holder that I created to repurpose empty gin bottle into a plant hanger.
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@geetakrishna ... empty gin bottle correct ... Oz brand BeGin not Bombay!
Sorry for delayed reply!

@geetakrishna Hoping Cassava? It was one of my favourite foods when I was living in Fiji for a short time. Breadfruit was my absolute favourite - both are so versatile Yum!

👋 “Galang nguruindhau” ~ Hello from Turrbal Country Nth Brisbane 🇦🇺. I’m curious about OER - especially within context of Flexi secondary education pathways.

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