challenge of the day on establishing Personal Learning Networks (PLN) i had to reflect back on resources given at university level, from Library Catalogs, Blackboard, Student portal to OERu, Mastodon, Online forums, Twitter and you name all of them.

Declaring Myself on LiDA101. via @wordpressdotcom please see my first blog on the link and leave a comment, tell me what you think of my starter?

The past few weeks have affected South Africans in so many ways we have never experienced before. This then led into an increased anxiety and confusion in relation to the re-opening of schooling. Learners are encouraged to do self study with the help of assistance from the educational channels on TVs. If you are an educator, teachs you what a PLE entails, established and how can it be used to manage and organise information on a variety of sources.

Hi everyone, i am new on . I decided to take up this course because of the enthusiasm i have on online learning. I hope through this course, as a young and passionate teacher in a deep rural village, i will be able to teach my learners how to take their learning online.

Happiness and excitement to be where the school of fish swarms. Though loosely called as such from the origin shoaling or shoal of fish yet we can surmise from these awesome creatures the collaboration and interconnectivity of learning to survive in the changing world of digital community, so to speak.🐠🐟🐡📱💻🌏

@mackwig Well since we are in Ancient History and for purpose of here is one from my part of the region. Though they look ordinary, these artefacts have helped to re-write some of our archeological history. Any thoughts?

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