Thank you David. You made me reflect on myself and that what I share has to bless others around the world. I'm formulating ideas and plans regarding my mini thesis. As a teacher, I'm greatly challenged with the needed improvements in our education system exposed by COVID 19. Yours words, "sharing to bless to others around the world" just hit home.

What I create is only meaningful when other's benefit from it, so it has to be FREE.

Thank you David.

5-6hrs on the 1st day pf last term spent on creating a teaching resource using digital technology would be fun and exciting. Something different from the norm. Computer and data provided by government; then no problem at all. However, the next issue for us here in Fiji is: reception in remote areas.

Good Morning everyone. This is my normal time to do my studies- apart from OERU I'm also doing further studies.

I have learned that balance is the key to everything we do.

I have a problem, and that is when I typed on the browser it says "wait for". Is there a timeline in which we use mastodon?

I joined because I am excited to learn new things and in this case how to enhance teaching using digital knowledge.

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