Can you guess what this image is? You will find this in conference rooms.

@Deepty Wow - the LiDA101 learners don't make this easy ;-) - Is that a close-up image of a DYI tool like a screwdriver - one of those modern composite tool sets?

@Deepty Others have been successful uploading their bio photos - so I don't think it's a problem on the server. It's hard to diagnose your specific problem. Have you tried a different browser?

@Deepty Are you using a mobile app for Mastodon or accessing via a browser? If so which mobile app are you using.

@Deepty Great- your display name is now showing properly - good progress. However, it looks like you have uploaded a banner (Header) image instead of using the Avatar option from the profile page. You're getting close!

@Deepty My other suggestion - do you have a friend or colleague you can ask to help you?

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