My take-home message is that resources with CC licenses are plenty in the www. You must know how to look for them and identify which of the six type of cc licenses the resource has. We must note which of the cc licenses will be compatible when we want to mix any of the resources you download.

3). In Solomon Islands fee internet data plus an allowance for participant will motivate teachers to participate in sharing OER

2). In Solomon Islands a national day dedicated to OER development will work because of the large number of teachers in the country and their access to internet data

1). In Solomon Islands I think it would take about one day to generate OERs for the full curriculum

@11036488 The hint was useful πŸ˜‚ - I'm going to guess: A new mobile cell tower?

@mackiwg correct. This tower provides 3G mobile network using data from the undersea cable network from Australia to Honiara and then to Taro (our Provincial Capital/Headquater in Choiseul Province). This network allows for mobile data where Online Education is now a thing of the present where some of us are now enjoying.

@mackiwg welcome. Thank you are clearing the confusion. One question though. When can I receive my feedback from the integrated activity so that I can know if I have satisfied the requirement or not? Will it be after tomorrow?

@11036488 Well done on completing your integrated activity for . Thanks for reporting the confusion regarding the MP4 file. That is a typing error on the course site which has now been fixed.

Guessing what construction site this may be?

I joined (PAC) because I believe that I really need the skills and knowledge in this course to help me prepare for when our schools will be shifting to online education and assessments.

Finally completed my integrated activity lesson plan. Uploaded and will be waiting for feedback.
A question on the instructions given, on the files to be in pdf. and docx or odt. format or another instruction came up with and MP4. file. Please advise.

OE Global has 5 intern positions open for 2022-23: Tech Intern, Communications & Community Engagement, Language Support (English-Spanish), and 2 positions related to their Latin America initiatives as a Tutorial Developer and Curator/Report Writer

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